Setting the Stage: Intro to Erotic Role Playing & Talking Dirty

When December 16, 2017
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm


3549 Devon Drive, Falls Church, VA 22042
Falls Church, VA 22042
United States


Ever wanted to try role playing in the bedroom, but not sure where to start? Do you or your lover have fantasies of being a naughty secretary, a double-agent kidnapped by a sexy spy, or the mature authority figure who firmly takes the lead? This time of year is the perfect excuse to get dressed up, discover your sexy alter ego, and try out this very adult form of play.

Even if you feel silly just thinking about playing a character in bed, let kink facilitator Alex S. Morgan show you a few ways to aid your (and your partner’s!) suspension of disbelief. We’ll talk about role play fantasies you might want to try, outfits and props, what to say while “in character,” and ways to add plot twists and depth to your erotic role play… perfect if you want to drive your partner wild. Come solo or bring a friend!


If talking dirty intimidates you, or if you just get tongue-tied, come learn from the pros! Hearing just the right words in the heat of the moment can set your lover off and add a new level of engagement to your play. Come learn how talking dirty can, rather than taking you out of the moment, make it easier for you and your partner to stay present during sex. We’ll cover:

* How to get more comfortable using words during sex

* Finding the style of erotic talk that feels most natural for you

* Using intonation, rhythm, and pacing to heighten the charge between you both

* How to actually talk dirty: breaking down sample scripts from actual exchanges to show you how to put it all together

All genders, bodies, and orientations welcome 18+.

(This workshop is a PG-13 event. All exercises will be fully clothed and touch-optional. Any touch is opt-in and negotiated by the participants.)

Want more time to experiment and play? Join us at 7:30 PM for an all-gender, all-orientation 18+ play party. (Get a day pass and attend both Saturday events!)

LOCATION: 3549 Devon Drive, Falls Church, VA 22042

COST: $30/individual, $50 per pair


Register Here

Email, text, or call Alex if you have any questions or concerns: / (510) 480-0235


Alex S. Morgan is a gender, sexuality, and relationship coach, a sexual rights advocate, and a sacred intimate. Working directly with others’ sexuality since 2004 has given Alex a deft sensitivity to the needs of those exploring new facets of themselves and an understanding of the power of connection in both our public and private lives.

A believer in continuing education for all adults exploring sex, gender, and relationships, Alex presents internationally on relationships, kink, sexuality, gender, and related policy issues at venues ranging from private workshops to public organizations, Stanford to SXSW. They offer college lectures, group workshops, and inservice trainings by request. Alex is available for both individual and couples sessions, both hands on and hands off work.

Follow Alex S. Morgan on Facebook, on Twitter as @Alex_S_Morgan, on Instagram, on FetLife, or at

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