Red Edition: Sacred Kink Immersion (Falls Church)

When October 21, 2018
7:00 pm - 11:30 pm


3549 Devon Dr, Falls Church, VA 22042
Falls Church, VA 22042
United States


This experiential event weaves together Tantra and kink in a safe, structured environment. It begins as a guided experiential workshop incorporating sensuality, kink, mindfulness, and ritual, and transitions into a facilitated play party.

This space welcomes all genders and orientations and is consent-focused. You always have the ability to set limits and negotiate the touch you give and receive.

Experience exquisite surrender… the thrum of power and energy coursing through you as you take someone (or are taken!) right up to the edge… the dance of pleasure and sensation, dominance and submission, primal passion and divine union.

The Red Edition of this event has less restrictive boundaries around nudity and sexuality. Nudity, sensual, and sexual touch are optional at this event—but if you’d like to play in that playground, you can explore those options with one or more partners. (All touch is negotiated between participants.)

Come ready to explore breathwork, waking up the energetic body through the meridians and directed chakra touch, “painting” with different types of sensation, primal play exercises, using kink techniques to achieve trance states, energetic sex, tying up/restraints, erotic ritual body worship, sensory deprivation, and other forms of sensation and power play.

We’ll demonstrate how BDSM can help you create powerful, connective experiences of sacred sexuality, and how Tantric principles and practices can take your kinky encounters to new heights.


We’ll begin with powerful boundary-setting practices to create a safe container of conscious communication and sacred intent, so that you can truly surrender to your inner sense of play, reverence, and wonder. Then, you will go on a journey of power and sensuality, through the heart of connection culminating in a state of ecstatic bliss.

Alex and Liam will be leading you through paired and triad exercises such as erotic feeding, sensation play, touching for YOUR pleasure, sound bath, tease and denial… and so much more. Learn how empowering it can be to really ask (or beg!) for exactly the touch you would like. Experience the powerful, sacred gift of surrender—and of holding another’s complete trust.

You’ll have the opportunity to explore many roles and configurations throughout the night. You can stay with the same partner(s) throughout the evening or mingle as you like.

This event is open to all genders and orientations. If you prefer to be touched only by partners of a specific gender, you can bring a partner of that gender with you and stay with them for any or all of the exercises.


  • Wear clothes you can move in; fetish attire is welcome, as long as you’re discreetly attired/street appropriate as you enter and exit.
  • Please arrive fragrance free so that everyone can play comfortably.
  • You’re welcome to bring your favorite toys/gear to add to your experience during the open play time toward the end of the event.
  • Bring a water bottle or other sealable drink container.
  • Optional: If you know you’ll want food to ground with, bring something to nibble on.
  • Non-alcoholic drinks only in this 18+ space (kombucha ok). No substances, please; we want everyone to be fully present and capable of connection.
  • We’ll have safer sex supplies (latex & latex-free condoms, nitrile gloves, lube) available in the space, but feel free to bring your own for your personal use.

Doors open at 7:00. Doors will be locked at 7:30 PM to create a sacred container where we are all on the same page. There is no admittance once doors are locked.

This event is a mind-, body-, and heart-blowing experience honoring the divinity within us by simply bringing our senses into action. This will be a very chill, fun, playful event where sex and nudity will most likely occur.

All genders, bodies, races, and orientations welcome. 18+ only. Come as you are and have a great time!


3549 Devon Drive, Falls Church, VA 22042

Beautiful, spacious private home. Free on-street parking.


There are a few steps leading to the front door. The home is low-fragrance; please arrive fragrance free so that everyone can play comfortably. Multiple single-occupant restrooms. Seating options include plenty of couches and chairs, plus throw pillows if you like to stretch out (playspace floor is cushioned). There is one cat in residence (will be in a closed back room during the event).


$35/individual, $60/pair

Please note that tickets may sell out early – if tickets sell out, there will be none available at door. Save your spot now:


Register Here

Worried about how the charge will show up on your card, or want to register online without using a PayPal account? Click here.

If something comes up and you can’t attend, just email Alex to ask for rollover credit to a future event.

Text or email Alex if you have any questions or concerns: (510) 480-0235 /


Alex Sebastian Morgan is a sex and relationship coach, a sacred intimate, and a professional switch (both dominant and submissive). Alex has practiced energy work for 22 years, integrating their family’s traditions with meditation, trance and journey work, and modern Paganism. They are a graduate of Shawn Roop’s Tantra Counselor Course and Barbara Carrellas’ Urban Tantra Professional Training Program. Alex loves to share the power and tender vulnerability that come from blending kink and sacred sexuality, and has been teaching NeoTantric practices from an LGBTQI+ inclusive perspective since 2012.

Alex presents internationally on relationships, kink, sexuality, gender, and related issues at venues ranging from private workshops to public organizations, Stanford to SXSW.

Alex is available for individual and couples coaching or sacred intimate sessions face to face at their Bay Area practice, in the DC area each month, or worldwide via phone and Skype. Follow them at

Liam Marcus has explored the intersections of mindfulness, sex, and BDSM for over 20 years. They studied with the Body Electric School from 1997 to 2008 and trained as a surrogate partner with IPSA in 1999. As a genderqueer sacred intimate, they love creating events where people feel safe to explore their bodies and desires.

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