QTies: A Bay Area Queer & Trans Play Party (May 2017)

When May 6, 2017 - May 7, 2017
7:30 pm - 12:00 am


Iron Giant Loft
1080 23rd Ave, Oakland, CA 94606
Oakland, CA 94606
United States


By popular request, we’re throwing a play party exclusively for queer, trans, genderfluid, genderqueer, and lesbian, gay, bi, and pansexual attendees. Come to a space where you’re not the only one in the room, where you’re as likely to encounter bi men hooking up as bi women, where femme invisibility is minimized (but all presentations are welcomed), and where trans bodies are celebrated.

Let Alex lead you through a welcome circle where a room of strangers slowly opens up and winds up on the same page, having the opportunity to be seen, heard, and understood in ways maybe you have never even imagined!

What is Play with a capital “P”?

Play with a capital “P” is whatever it means to you. You are invited to co-create whatever feeds your soul. Participation (also with a capital “P”) can mean many things and voyeurs are as warmly welcomed as the most actively engaged. It’s a sensual space where participants are encouraged to explore themselves and others in ways that are stimulating, nurturing, exciting, safe and FUN!

This is the Play party you want to come to if you’ve never been AND this is the Play party you want to come to if you want to experience how to take generating safe play space for you and your favorite people to the next level.

$30 per person, $50 per couple or pair
(Sliding scale available)

ONLINE REGISTRATION AT: http://lgbqtiesmay17.eventbrite.com


You are sensually, erotically and emotionally savvy enough to Play nicely with others. You’re a good sharer, you take good care of your toys and you use your words. 🙂 You are somebody who knows your own wants and boundaries and can communicate them clearly… and/or you’re someone willing to work and explore these areas for your own growth and enjoyment! You treat yourself and others with respect and kindness.

If you’re reading this, thinking, “I would love to come, but I don’t want to play,” PLEASE COME and enjoy the pressure-free company of like-minded individuals and exit whenever you wish. Really. There will be no pressure for you to do ANY activity at this party at any time.

My biggest request is that you come with a fun-loving, warm, caring, open-minded, generous, thoughtful, compassionate, non-judgmental attitude and that you conduct yourself with the highest level of integrity possible.

This will be a very chill, fun, playful event where sex and nudity will most likely occur. Come relax. Come sip a glass of something or a cup of tea. Come smooch. Come play. Come watch. (You know us: voyeurism is participation!)

All genders, bodies, and orientations welcome under the LGBTQI umbrella. This is an adults-only event  (18+). Come as you are and have a great time!


Doors open at 7:30 PM and CLOSE AT 8:00 PM. BE ON TIME as it is essential to have everyone present for the opening circle. There will not be anyone admitted after the doors are closed to preserve the safety of our space. 

The Welcome Circle is what we use to introduce ourselves to one another, have a safer sex conversation, share any boundaries and relationship agreements people should know about and get all comfy and ready to Play. (http://www.sexuality.org/ is the easiest, least scary and most direct site to go to for good safer sex info).

There will be an optional closing circle at midnight.

PLEASE text Alex at 510-480-0235 if you’re unavoidably running late, but please just be on time!


Your sexy self and whatever food and non-alcoholic drink you might want for the evening. (No substances please. We like our Playmates to be present and capable of connection.) Bring whatever sexy things you’d like to don and lounge in while we frolic or just throw on your regular weekend clothes for relaxation. Bring along whatever safer sex accoutrements you desire – condoms, dental dams, gloves, toys, lube – whatever you might be needing to create that perrrrrfect evening. We’ll have some on hand in the space, but your favorite gear is always more comfortable. Oh, and of course, please bring a Playful attitude and an open heart and mind.

This will be a very chill, fun, playful event where sex and nudity will most likely occur. Come relax. Come sip a glass of something or a cup of tea. Come smooch. Come play. Come watch – voyeurism is participation! Hope to see you there!


Love Exchange – $30 per person, $50 per pair

(Sliding scale available)

Please note that individual tickets may sell out early – when individual tickets sell out, there will be none available at door. Save your spot now:

ONLINE REGISTRATION AT: http://lgbqtiesmay17.eventbrite.com

LOCATION: Iron Giant Loft, 1080 23rd Ave, Oakland, CA
BART accessible; queer-friendly neighborhood; free on-street parking. Suite number provided after registration or contact Alex privately for pay-at-door: alexsebastianmorgan@gmail.com)

ACCESSIBILITY: First floor, no stairs, all gender restroom, low fragrance/low chemical space.

Text or call Alex if you have any questions or concerns: 510-480-0235

Kisses and hugs and relaxin’ in a sex-positive space…

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